The Van Der Merwe Syndrome

Some European societies are becoming increasingly stratified by race. Some European societies are becoming increasingly stratified by race. In Norway, where I am currently writing, the best predictor of being an office cleaner is being of foreign birth and preferably dark skin colour. If not in absolute numbers, at least relative to the size of the minority population. Many menial jobs are done by people with high education but excess melanin, as ethnic Norwegians are extremely reluctant to recognise qualifications, talents and qualities of mind in the dark-skinned. Such people must know their place as hewers of wood and drawers of water for the Herrenvolk.

We have some way to go yet before this stratification becomes as pure as in apartheid-era South Africa, and it is very hard to imagine it being formalised, as Norway is obsessed with having the world admire it. This is not to say that there is no room for the stratification to increase further. A thorough racist backlash was always more likely than progress towards a multicultural society, and indeed one is well under way, after being launched by history’s worst one-man murder spree.

There is an interaction that I do not think has been remarked upon before. The Gauss curve for intelligence, ability, competence or whatever ought ideally to be matched to employment opportunities. The bright should do jobs requiring intelligence and the less bright should do jobs requiring less. The moment an entire segment of the job market is taken off-line by a sentiment that menial jobs ‘ought’ to be done by the dark-skinned or foreign-accented, however, it seems logically inevitable that non-menial jobs have to be filled from a supply that now contains a larger number of doofuses than it did before.

South Africa suggests where this can lead. The Afrikaner victory or even revolution, of 1948 was largely about reserving white-collar occupations by skin colour. Boers did not want to go the way of India, where natives were admitted to the professions and staffed the lower levels of the civil service, then overthrew white rule. The Boers could not trust the Anglos to keep the “kaffirs” in their place, so had to do it themselves, by dominating the bureaucracy, where much of the real power in a society actually resides. The son of the veldt farmer thereby became a petty official; and, because he was perceived to be not very bright, there was born the Van Der Merwe joke. A very representative Dutch name became the metonym for an idiot, and the use of this name for the anti-hero of the film District 9 was no coincidence but rather a South African in-joke.

Now let us turn back to Norway. Thanks to its offshore oil and gas, it appears to be in the enviable position of not needing a large population of intelligent people. If the skilled whites are making the national living and the dark-skinned are cleaning the engineers’ offices and wiping the bottoms of their aged parents, however, the question arises what we are supposed to do with the stupidest whites. Despite what everyone pretends, we can afford a population of useless drones; inability to do so is merely code for the unwillingness of the rich to tolerate the existence of money in other people’s pockets. In the old economy, there were always muscular jobs for the dimmer bulbs, while their dimmer sisters cleaned up after them. If we are not going to simply exterminate them, what shall we do with the thicko indigenes, now that they have been doubly displaced – first by technology and then by a racially-based division of labour?

One possibility is their concentration in public sector employment, after the process has been completed of outsourcing all actual public work, such as nursing or snowploughing, to private competition. When this has been done, what remains in the public sector is not work at all, but the management of work – and then you get the dynamic of “He who can, does; he who can’t, manages”. We thereby get a residual public administration that only knows how to proliferate pointless rules, get in the way, set up Catch-22 traps and then hide behind the book. We are accustomed to blame the politicians for the bureaucracy, but it may be time to start looking at alternative explanations for the messes, namely that the bureaucracy is staffed largely by people in search of a workplace where their fundamental lack of intelligence, often combined with generalised malice towards their fellow-man, may find safe expression.

It does not, for example, take very many brains to sit behind a desk and tell the public that “The computer system says that you’re dead, so you can’t have any money” – or for that matter, in the private sector, “Breaks in telecom cables must be reported on a web form.” We remember the old Moscow press pass, which had to be applied for in a room, admittance to which required a press pass. This kind of job is admirably suited to someone who is profoundly stupid but nevertheless suffers from a sense of racial entitlement that dictates that she is above the washing of floors and bottoms. The more people of colour in the society, therefore, the more we can expect positions to be created specially for the European equivalent of Van Der Merwe.

Yes, we can afford a population of useless drones, but our deep puritan reflexes insist that they not be visibly idle. The alternative of course, is that they become invisibly idle. The steward in the Gospel was “too weak to dig and too proud to beg”, but fortunately there is a third option: to sit behind a desk or public counter and prevent the accomplishment of everything that requires intelligence to perform.

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