Dominica’s Planet

I once watched a young person’s travel programme, of the kind that considers the alcoholic and sexual adventures of the reporter to be of greater interest than the geography, history or culture of the location itself. Something the junketer said suggested that she thought of the tropical paradise as the economist’s equivalent of Perfect Competition. That is, a place at which the iron laws of physical attraction could unfold, freed from contamination by the sexual equivalents of government regulation, namely the questions “What happens next?” and “What will people say at home?”

Now, the reporter seemed to be assuming that in such a scenario, a small minority of the men would schtup all the women. Cancún, or wherever it was, would thus operate like a colony of elephant seals. The idea appeared to be that, once a woman was set free to gratify her bodily desires without interference by family, neighbours, Mrs. Grundy, money, career, children and any of the manifold considerations of Real Life™, she would gladly take a number and wait for her crack at the premium stud rather than lower her sights to the available losers. Which is precisely what was affirmed by Bernard Shaw, the populariser of Darwin’s then-forgotten second great book: namely that women should prefer a part-share in a superior male to outright possession of an inferior.

Whenever we gain one insight, we seem to lose another. Freud taught us many things about what denial of our sexuality could do to us and our surroundings, but in learning this, popular culture forgot that there were good reasons as well as bad for restraint and repression. The TV programme put me in mind of what Freud had to say about inhibitions, namely that they were essential to civilisation; a pronouncement that was left behind when Freud was cherry-picked by the Sixties counterculture. Having invented the notion of monogamous marriage in order to stabilise society by giving “inferior” men a stake in it, we need to maintain it. If, repeat if, the true nature of the female of the species, liberated from oppressive social constraints, is accurately represented by these orgiastic beach resorts, then in order to maintain that social stability we need to invent some inhibitions pretty damn quick. For the purpose of inhibitions may be to stabilise society by securing ordinary men sex, marriage and children. Which, if and if Dominica is right, would have to be done by somehow preventing women from treating such men with lofty contempt and fucking only the superstuds.

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