The Society For The Prevention Of Subjects

If, with Schopenhauer, we consider salvation from the blind striving and suffering of the world to reside in what he called “pure will-less knowing”, that is, study and contemplation of the world as it is itself and for itself, entirely unrelated to our personal interests and desires in the matter – then we must take care to eschew the society of women. This is simply because, with some honourable exceptions, women in general are inimical to any project not centred on baseline-human interests and desires. That is not to say that they are unethical, or wicked, or cruel; it is just that they relate everything to personal, usually meaning reproductive, agendas, whether their own or other people’s.

Typically they are unable to understand why anyone should do anything that does not have a bottom line of reproductive success and its handmaid of social climbing, and are extremely suspicious of it. Often, indeed, they are outright hostile, to the point of feeling called upon to prevent any such thing occurring; an example of this is the well-trained hostess who immediately breaks up any masculine conversation that threatens to be about subjects, which is one of the foulest swear-words in the female vocabulary. For the intrinsic evil of subjects is that they are an exchange of information entirely unrelated to the far more important issues of who is doing what with whom and who can be made to feel bad about it.

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