The Cloud Of Unknowing

Women love to claim that men are emotionally stupid because they are unable to intuit what a woman is thinking and feeling. Whether or not men do in fact intuit what women are thinking and feeling is intrinsically unknowable; all we can know is that what women tell us about what they were actually thinking and feeling when a man attempted to guess. And there is no guarantee at all that they will tell us the truth. This is such a simple fact, but so hard for men to grasp through the propaganda haze.

After all, there is zero benefit to women from saying to a man, “Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking, you read my mind!” On the contrary, the rewards for denying it are immense. The payoff from pretending that the man was mistaken about what she was thinking and feeling may take the forms of putting him in the wrong, discrediting whatever he says about any other subject, playing the martyr, parlaying this martyrdom into a demand for concessions elsewhere, and so on and so forth. Every new incident is used to reinforce the standing female discourse about male emotional incompetence, which almost everyone nowadays accepts as a brute fact, whereas it is merely the current score resulting from innumerable rounds of a rigged game.

For a rigged game is what it is, a verbal variation on something we can see played on the pavements of louche cities – the walnut-shell game. The mark has to guess under which shell the pea is, and he will never get it right, at any rate not after he has been sucked into the game by being allowed to win some trifling amount. When the stakes are high and the operator is ready for the kill, the mark is “shown” to be wrong and loses. In fact the mark may well have succeeded in keeping track of the shell covering the pea during its rapid motions, but then the operator palmed the pea, and so the lifted shell was “shown” to be empty. So precise are the parallels with the female treatment of men’s emotional insight that the alternative name for the walnut-shell con is “Find the Lady”.

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