A Free Pass For The Plutocracy

The net effect of “sexual politics”, as practised from the Seventies on, appears to have been a free pass for the plutocracy to increase its wealth and power. Divide and conquer: make half of the ordinary population feel itself oppressed by the other half of the ordinary population, rather than by the people who really are in charge. Who may indeed be mostly men, in terms of the names on the documents, but their wives and mistresses are no friends to the poor either. And while most billionaires may be men, most men on the planet are, like most women, not in charge of anything at all. The communists had it right the first time round: men and women need to unite against the bosses. Contrariwise, as long as the superstition endures that the half-starved Bolivian tin miner is the bad guy, because he is a part of something called patriarchy, then we have no hope of bettering his condition.

If the wretched of the earth are made that way by economic power rather than by gender, we might profitably ask cui bono from shifting everyone’s attention from the old-fangled class analysis to the new-fangled sexual politics. The answer is clearly rich people, of either gender. The strategy is to have ordinary women blame their ills on ordinary men, while the rich assholes and the rich bitches rejoice.

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