The Patriarchality Of Feminist Rhetoric

Recent scientific advances have taught us that the Book of Genesis had it backwards about Adam’s rib, for the female is the basic biological design, the default setting so to speak. This being so, the male must be some sort of tailored mutation, a special tool for a particular purpose. That purpose is obviously shuffling, but also advertising, sorting, testing and finally female choice of genes. Moreover, this process is by no means a non-destructive testing. On the contrary, testosterone is highly correlated with ill-health and early death. Men are thus not only genetic filters, but heavily-handicapped genetic filters. For the female Prime Directive is: “Line ‘em up, let ‘em kill each other off, and then we’ll breed with the winners”. Men are thus the miserable weapons of inter-female genetic competition, their lives nasty, brutish and short.

Which party we most naturally regard as “the exploiter” and which as “the exploited” depends on our a priori assumption about which has the higher place on the Great Chain of Being, which historically – and quite in defiance of the above-mentioned modern scientific knowledge – meant the man. That is, our view of the woman as the exploited one, as the poor seduced, abandoned and wronged passive object, is itself an artefact of ancient patriarchal thinking. That this is never pointed out, and in some jurisdictions cannot be safely pointed out, ought in itself to be food for thought.

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