Uterine Economics

A certain cartoonist has a character officiating at a wedding to join together this womb and mammon in holy matrimony. There is more to this than standard Spoonerist goofing-around. For it is often asserted that the etymology of word “woman” is in fact “womb-man”, although I do not think that anyone has hitherto attempted to derive “man” from Mammon. More’s the pity, for the union of womb and mammon would be a deadly accurate summation of traditional society. One rather misses it on the placards of those marching against gay unions: “Marriage Is For One Womb and One Mammon”. And one might tell it like it is: “Do you, NN, take this womb, to have and to hold, to fill and to empty, until it is quite worn out? Do you, NN, take this mammon, to have and to hold, to drain and to spend, until you finally have enough shoes?”

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