Don’t Tell Your Mother-In-Law

Many people assume that female infidelity is entirely a conflict between the sexes, the women seeing it in terms of patriarchal control of reproduction versus female independence, the men seeing it in terms of the quest for paternity confidence. Both sides forget that some women actually have a direct interest in other women’s chastity. A woman with sons has just as much genetic interest in the fidelity of her daughters-in-law as do the sons themselves; if these put cuckoos in the sons’ nests, the grandmother is deprived of her posterity as well. The progressive female argument that no one should care who is the father of the child, but shall be bound to love and cherish it anyway, cuts as little ice with mothers-in-law as with husbands. This may, in fact, be one of the reasons why the progressive position is taken; for once it is recognised that deprivation of genetic posterity via infidelity is actually a serious injury, it threatens to become a female-on-female conflict issue; and the methodology of the Unmoved Mover greatly depends upon no such recognition taking place.

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