The Nordics And The Dutch

In those Scandinavian countries where buying sexual services has been criminalised, the language of “sex work” is practically banned. In formal contexts the feminists talk of women “who have been prostituted”, so as to prevent conceptualisation of anyone entering the profession without male coercion. In all informal contexts they talk about “whores”. During the World Cup Swedish authorities spoke with the loftiest condescension to the Germans, who in defiance of their moral superiors had persisted in permitting the business in what they fondly imagined was their own country. In Amsterdam, by contrast, where prostitution is a lawful profession entitling to social benefits in return for the tax euro, you may see notices saying: “The police of the RLD welcome you…. Out on the streets, do not shout or use bad language towards the women. Show some respect.” So whose is really the greater contumely here?

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