For The Love Of Eve

Modern women complain bitterly about the Biblical story of the Fall, wherein misogynistic priests fingered Eve as the weak-willed and gullible party who listened to the serpent. The whole thing is attributed to a desire to exculpate Adam; typical men, they say, to put all the blame on their wives!

Whether women are always the first to screw up is indeed highly doubtful. But the story does nevertheless contain a moral that is worth listening to: namely that, when men screw up, they do so to please a woman. Unlike in the Eden story, the bad thing they do may be their own idea and not hers; it may, indeed, be something that she does not actually want done. But practically everything that men do is done with a view to obtaining access to women, which – at any rate in the thinking of non-psychopaths – is best done by pleasing them.

Moreover, whereas the story gives an explicit motivation to Eve, namely the desire to have her eyes opened and be like gods, Adam seemed to follow her lead, apparently assuming that whatever she did was right and proper. That turned out to be a bad move. Perhaps, therefore, male independence is a consequence of the Fall, and the male respect for women’s superior emotional intelligence that feminists now strive to inculcate was actually a Prelapsarian virtue. That is, Adam got suckered and resolved to make his own decisions henceforth.

In any case, it takes two to tango; had only Adam had been less uxorious and remained unfallen, there would be no human race, to the great relief of the other living creatures of the earth. So it is equally his fault after all.

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