Perverse Men Or Perverse Incentives?

The underlying principle of all radical-feminist thought – if not at academic then at “street” level – is that women are what they are because men have wickedly shaped them that way, whereas men are what they are out of sheer gratuitous perversity. When applied to any subject other than men, of course, this constitutes the mortal sin of “biological essentialism”, which becomes unaccountably virtuous in the right hands. The modern progressive woman, then, readily recognises that that male agendas have helped make women what they are, but refuses absolutely to recognise that female agendas have helped make men what they are; that is, that men do what they do in part in response to the incentive structure that women have laid before them.

This double standard is reinforced by the modern progressive woman’s characteristic narcissism. That is, it proceeds from her conviction that everything that happens in the world is organised for her sake, whether positively or negatively; she is the victim of the slings and arrows of outrageous manhood, while having done nothing to deserve or provoke them – for example by providing perverse incentives to men that rebound on her own head. The rest of this subchapter will therefore consider examples of male behaviour as a rational response to such perverse incentives. The key concept will be that all human action with respect to the opposite sex is producing for the market.

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