Incentives To Gender Hatred

It is never necessary to emphasise female fear and hatred of men as a rational response to male behaviour. This specific direction of cause and effect may be safely taken for granted, as everyone on the planet has long been trained to think of men as the agents and women as the acted-upon. That training used to be performed by “patriarchy”, but has latterly been offered by victim-feminism as well.

How fundamental is the asymmetry may easily be seen from any attempt to parse male hatred and fear of women in the same way, as a rational response to female behaviour. Ferocious outrage will ensure, which demonstrates that respectable persons do not conceive of women as causative agents, do not conceive of men as responding to external stimuli, but rather conceive of all women without exception as incapable of falling below a standard of perfect virtue.

For it is not necessary, in order to parse male fear and hatred of women as a response to a stimulus, to postulate that all women have provided that unfortunate stimulus; only that many if not all men have encountered at least some women who have done so. And should we find that in some cases this number is as low as one, well then, that is no lower a figure than the number of abusive males a woman is required to have encountered in order to “legitimately” fear and hate men.

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