The Slalom Run

Thanks to 2,000 years of Christianity, with the innovative respect and even veneration for the weaker party in any transaction that came from its very deity being “despised and rejected of men”, not to forget the even older Jewish concern for social justice, the more civilised elements of our culture are reluctant to challenge anyone who appears to be any kind of victim. Indeed, the opposite position, the fierce contempt for weakness now openly advocated, for the first time since Antiquity, by the American Right, clearly represents a relapse into unabashed pagan brutality.

The tension between these two attitudes, however, makes life very easy for the scamster. She can ski slalom, at one moment revelling in her sharp-elbowed “strength” and expecting to be admired for it, but then the moment something goes wrong, invoking the Christian reverence for the victim and embracing the “poor little oppressed woman” archetype. Something going wrong most certainly includes any criticism of the way she acted in her “strong woman” mode. Women playing this game remind us of the old joke about the man who murdered his parents then pled for leniency on the grounds that he was an orphan.

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