The Inconceivability Of Female Incompetence

Once upon a time there was a male chauvinism that resisted female employment on the grounds that women were less competent at the various tasks of the industrial economy. Of course, we now know that this is by no means the case. Women are just as competent as men; which logically speaking ought to mean just as incompetent, too, depending on the individuals concerned. Unfortunately, the chauvinism has now reversed its sign, to the extent that many or even most women are now devoutly convinced that their gender makes them automatically more competent at any given job. This may be seen from their jokes, their conversations and the reaction of any woman fired for incompetence; whereupon female bystanders then stick their noses in to proclaim that in reality the dismissed woman was too competent for the patriarchy to tolerate.

Unfortunately for that particular trick, however, the female workforce participation rate is now so high that the incompetent woman was very probably fired by another woman. If this happens, rather than railing about male chauvinism, the incompetent has the option of going sick and profiling herself as a victim of workplace bullying. This is not as much of a retreat as it appears. For patriarchy, being a metaphysical construct, can be held to permeate even a company consisting entirely of women. This seem to mean that female bullies are not responsible for their own behaviour; both the woman who can’t do her job and the other women who have harassed her are therefore victims of men.

Women in the workforce are thus metaphysicians: to be really competent at their jobs is typical, or even ultimate reality; but for a woman to be incompetent is mere appearance, caused by male malevolence (even working through other women, or permeating the air like a miasma). And if all the women who merely appear to be incompetent have been so to speak “framed”, then it follows that all women are in fact competent. And if all women are competent, then any woman who appears on the surface to be incompetent must have been framed; and so on round the mulberry bush.

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