Pelvic Dissolution And Short Memories

Some of us remember when the women’s libbers – as we called them back then – railed against high heels, on the grounds that they made their wearers into sexual objects. That is to say, they made you wiggle your bottom when you walked. Men liked to watch the effect, ergo it was wrong and wicked! For liberation means that anything goes unless a man enjoys it. Besides, high heels were uncomfortable, and bad for the legs, and you couldn’t run, and they always caught in gratings so that the evil monster could catch you. The liberated woman should therefore wear sensible shoes and stride into the future with chin uplifted and bottom held rigid.

Well, since as a young man I thought high heels absurd and preferred girls in mountain boots (the wind on the heath, sister), I was always cool with this. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I read a diatribe about how the Nordic countries, whose emancipated women wear sensible shoes and stride like soldiers, top the global statistics for pelvic dissolution, which those wiggly Brazilian sex objects hardly ever get; and how this was the fault of the Patriarchy for “forcing” women to walk like men.

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  1. Written by urban
    on February 7, 2013 at 21:30

    It’s easy to say, “Who wouldn’t love to have a magic wand that absolved oneself of any responsibility for anything ever?” Until you think about it for a minute, that is. Until you see the infantalizing force of such an arrangement. Who wouldn’t want that magic wand? Well, I for one wouldn’t. I think that anyone with any depth at all would look askance and say, “I can aim higher than THAT!”

  2. Written by Hugo Grinebiter
    on February 8, 2013 at 10:23

    So what’s wrong with infantilisation? Millions are voting with their feet for it every day. We should obviously kidnap you and study your immunity in some secret laboratory underneath a Colorado mountain.

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