The Prerogatives Of Infancy

A more complex and subtle way in which the immaturity of young females is not talked about, or cannot be talked about, results from offering them official permissions for immature behaviour.

Socialisation of children involves teaching them that they cannot do or get everything they want, that pitching screaming fits does not appreciably alter the laws of nature, that reality bites, and finally that they will be held responsible for their own actions.

On all these points, however, any progress made in early childhood can be rapidly undone by exposure to academic feminism or ‘street’ versions thereof. Such is the human thirst for undeserved self-esteem that whatever offers us preservation of the prerogatives of infancy – such as inability to tolerate frustration, narcissistic fantasies of omniscience, and every misfortune being due to the malignancy of others – will inevitably be picked up and mastered very quickly, indeed will spread through the peer-group like a brush fire.

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