Strive To Become A Better Person

In most blog comment fields, male objections to anything said by a soi-disant feminist commenter are settled – to the satisfaction of at least the latter – by the condescending injunction to “go away and study Feminism 101”. One variant, which our maiden great-aunts would have understood very well, goes “Look up this-or-that and strive to be a better person”.

In the first place, the command to “look up” that-or-this is intrinsically rather odd, as if there existed some sort of dictionary or encyclopaedia that identified what are actually very tendentious propositions with the most basic general knowledge that ought to be acquired at school. For example, one might be asked to “look up” the fiction of the nine million dead witches as if they were the periodic table, or to “look up” superior female competence as if it were the capital of Albania.

Let us now imagine a turnabout scenario whereby a female netizen is enjoined to go away and study – what? There is no academic or pseudo-academic discipline, whether to 101 level or beyond, that deconstructs the behaviour and arguments of the half-educated and self-righteous women’s-studies graduate, biochemically hooked on her own indignation. That fact in itself ought to tell us something about the real balance of gender power, at least on the Internet.

Let us further imagine a turnabout of the maiden-aunt variant, whereby a woman is enjoined to “Look up that-or-this and strive to be a better person”. There does not, of course, exist any place wherein a woman can “look up” an officially approved body of ideas that calls upon her to modify her misandrist behaviour or misandrist attitudes. Moreover, although striving to be a better person can only be for males, as all women know that they were born that way and need no improvement, at the same time the thing cannot be done, as for all the bio-essentialists, “better person” means woman.

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