Real Men™ On 8 March

Whenever men claim that they have a “right to be men”, there is outrage. This is often because such men have so grown up with the gynodulic discourse of our times that they can identify only the negative aspects of masculinity, any positive aspects having now been redefined as pan-human or else simply fictional. So the “right to be men” of the contrarian objectors to 8 March often turns out to mean nothing more interesting than the right to watch the game, cheer loudly, scratch their balls and fart. This is not so much a celebration of male nature as a rejection of a cultural phenomenon that we might call “genteel one-upmanship”, one that ought to be opposed by both sexes alike. In what male nature might really consist, other than in grubby personal habits, rape, war and genocide, is as hard to discuss sensibly as was the free market in Stalin’s Russia.

Across the street, however, it is unthinkable for anyone to deny women’s “right to be women”. This is because women have succeeded in having female nature identified with whatever is best in the human species, whether in reality or (even better) in the realm of unattainable ideals. In this way women are given permission to believe that, by virtue of their gender, they automatically partake of the eidola of Truth and Goodness, whether or not they have bothered to develop these virtues as individuals. Indeed, goodness can easily be redefined as “whatever women do”, making a perfect tautology; that is, if you don’t like something a woman has done, it is your own fault for being unable to perceive how perfectly altruistic it actually was.

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