Wag The Serb

The great Western cliché, trotted out whenever political violence erupts anywhere east or south of Vienna, is “ancient hatreds”. Journalists season the stew with a few rapidly googled factoids about medieval battles, but otherwise take one another’s word for it. No one ever asks why Kosovo Polje should engender such hatreds while Crécy and Solforino do not seem to.

It would be interesting to do an experiment, picking some forgotten English battle or vanished Celtic kingdom at random and using the full power of the media to inflame “ancient hatreds” that did not previously exist, but are now duly inflamed. The film Canadian Bacon tried something similar before degenerating into rote action, South Park ditto, but what is self-evidently artificial and comic when applied to northern North America is the very stuff of political punditry in the Old World. Cui bono? The concealment of other reasons for political violence.

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