No Country For Old Maids

Women who have their enthusiasm for heterosexual males well under control may try to tell us that this is due to the high crimes and misdemeanours of that demographic. Often, however, the real reason is because male heterosexuals tend to disrupt the perfect fussy order, maintenance of which is the sole raison d’être of the “old maid” of any age or gender. The difference between an old maid and any other kind of person is that the former needs have everything very elaborately just so, or else the sky will fall. This may be merely a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, or, more ominously, a stand-in for hatred of the messy biological realm as such, which is why it is often found together with a horror of sex.

Although OCD seems to have a genetic and neurological basis, there may also be a moral decision that we all must make – whether to regard a house as existing for people to live in, or the people as existing to protect the house from contamination by human life. Once this moral decision has been made, or thoughtlessly inherited, a feedback process then appears to develop, culminating in a neurasthenic hypersensitivity to matters that very few heterosexual males consider of the slightest importance. Old maids of all ages and genders call the rest of us uncouth and barbarians, because we do not think we are on the earth primarily to keep things in their places to within micrometer tolerances.

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