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It used to be thought that human females were unlike other mammals in not having a visible oestrus cycle that swings from zero to intense sexual interest. It is, of course, true that we have no periodic downswing in which sexual activity never occurs, and also that the human oestrus state cannot be detected from a great distance. But that is about as far as it goes. There is plenty going on with a human woman’s body and her sexual signalling mechanisms around the time of her ovulation, and she initiates sex appreciably more often. It is very easy to demonstrate a heightened male sexual response to women in their midcycle, even though the men might not be able to explain why they are interested, other than by saying that the woman is “sexy”. If this is the case in our modern culture, in which everyone attempts to remove body odours, the effect must have been more marked without running hot water, soap and deodorants; and so what we need to do is to study the human oestrus cycle in some seriously smelly communities. It may be that the infamous “concealed oestrus” of Homo sapiens is an effect of the sensory deadening in modern cities in general and an artefact of the personal-hygiene industry in particular, leaving only our “permanent oestrus” still to be explained. And this, too, might be related to a more intense exposure to stimulation in hi-tech society with its magazines and television – given that the chief sexual trigger for women is of course wealth displays.

On the other hand, the proponents of the theory that women conceal oestrus in order better to choose with whom they will conceive may have been right – but about the wrong phenomenon. They should have been looking at the brassiere instead. The Sixties fashion for going braless has died the death, and so we now have a female population who are almost as sexually “liberated” as the hippies could wish, but who nevertheless spend a lot of money on armouring their breasts. For some, it is comfort and support, for others push-up; but why then do almost all B and A-cup women wear bras? We may suspect that the prime directive is to conceal nipple erection, that is, arousal.

Why then should women wish to conceal their arousal? Because knowledge is power. A man should be prevented from knowing that he has turned the woman on until such time as terms and conditions have been negotiated, so that she may command a higher price; and a man should be prevented from knowing that he has not in fact turned the woman on until she has finished acquiring his resources.

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