Heights And Ass

If we disregard the biggest single factor, wealth, and look only at physical characteristics, then women look for four things in a man: height, height, height, and everything else. The
“everything else” does not appear always to include bulging pecs and washboard abs; the authorities are quite divided on the desirability of these virtues, and it is quite possible that men who are focused on them are gay, narcissists or simply mistaken. Men are quite surprised when informed of surveys of female taste in which a taut butt tops the poll; but this may be a signal, even more reliable than biceps, that the man is not a couch potato, or perhaps it has to do with what powerful gluteus muscles can be used for. The importance of the mouth to both sexes is a little mysterious; we talk about someone having a “generous mouth” and assume that thin lips mean cruelty, frigidity or both, but has this ever been scientifically investigated? Eyes, teeth and hair are at least as important to women as to men, and probably for the same biological reasons, lustre and so forth being a sign of good general health. The notion that male pattern baldness means a high testosterone level and is therefore sexy appears to be purely wishful thinking on the part of bald TV producers; I have no idea whether women respond better or worse to young men after they have shaved their heads, or if so why. One area where women differ wildly among themselves, suggesting that this is not a biological issue but one of personal aesthetics, is beards and body hair. Some like smooth and others like rugs, but in accordance with the nature of the gender, each will proclaim her own particular taste to be universal to “women” as such.

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