Why Do Women Live Longer?

Women tend to live longer than men. A generation or two ago the answer was given in terms of stress, but then it was found that the gap persists between monks and nuns. Can it be that women live longer because they cling even harder to life in adverse conditions? Well, then, why do they cling harder to life than do men? The reason may be that when a man gets old, he loses everything that once gave his life meaning – physical activity, women, adventure, his digestion and palate – whereas when a woman gets old she does not lose even the tiniest fraction of what is most important to her, namely social status. If she has achieved what in her own eyes constitutes a satisfactory social status, whereby she can look down on other women, then it hardly matters that she cannot walk unaided or feed herself. It might be a testable hypothesis that old women die when they are socially disparaged and have no prospects of vindicating their status.

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