It’s Not About Us

When women “dress to kill”, they are competing with one another for the sake of that competition itself; it is the other women who are being “killed”. They don’t give a damn what mere men think of their dress choices, as anyone knows who has accompanied Stepford Shoppers.

We may perhaps apply the same model to female genital mutilation – that it’s not about the sexual preferences of the men, who have in fact been known to complain, but rather about the women’s place in the great female pecking order. This is consonant with what we know of the way young girls are induced to accept or even desire the operation – in ignorance of how awful both the experience and the consequences are going to be. For anyone who refuses it will be outcast from female society long before they are old enough for the opinions of men to make any difference. There is also a universal cognitive-dissonance mechanism whereby anyone who has undergone a terrible sacrifice for a dubious benefit is determined that everyone else should undergo it too; otherwise they will have to face the fact that their lives have been pointlessly ruined.

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