The Bottom Line

Which way round is it: that women seek to look good in order to attract a man, or that they seek to attract a man who can finance their looking better than the other women? All the feminist talk about male power and hegemony has conspired with male vanity to conceal the ultimate truth, that the bottom line of human social life is the female hierarchy. All else is secondary, and everything men do is, usually unbeknownst to them, a pawn’s move upon that board.

One of the most amusing aspects of radical feminism is the obvious sense of fear and envy with which the wimmin contemplate male group solidarity. Women are continually exhorted to sisterhood precisely because they need to be: as traditional wisdom has it, a woman’s worst enemy is another woman. Men are competitive, true; but they are also lazy, and like to be left alone to do their own thing. Women are equally competitive, but seem to have far more energy to devote to hierarchical self-aggrandisement; they rarely even have an own thing that does not involve poking other women in the eye.

Women often complain that men have more fun in life. They certainly seem to do so. This may not be, however, because “woman is the nigger of the world”, but rather because men are capable of seeking and enjoying pleasure for its own sake, where women are totally focused on progress up the status hierarchy, and also because so many of women’s pleasures are dressed up as other things entirely, such as “living for others” in order to reform their morals.

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