I-USE At The Swinger Club

Some people, both men and women, claim that human sexuality is at its best in the orgy; you do everything you’ve ever wanted, all at once; fuck until you drop; you come away (they say) feeling more profoundly relaxed and at peace than you ever did after just one partner; and then you don’t need sex for a week or two. Indeed, you don’t even think about it, but are preternaturally clear-headed; a state of affairs that does not obtain when you are tacitly expected either to perform once a night or explain why not, much less when you go on the prowl and don’t find any.

I have not been fortunate enough to receive an invitation to test this theory for myself, but it does sound as if it is the perfect pattern for all kinds of scholar and thinker, indeed anyone who has some important work in the world. And who does that leave? It would be interesting to discover whether in practice it appeals only to a minority, or whether the great secret of our race is that we are all designed to work in this way, a truth that we cannot admit to ourselves. The experiment would be difficult to design, and very, very expensive.

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