The Bellboy Experiments

What women say in questionnaires about their fidelity does not at all accord with what is said about them by the bellboys of upmarket hotels, who are in a position to know what they really get up to when no one they know is watching. Luxury hotels would therefore be another suitable venue for I-USE experiments. Women who have indignantly declared infidelity to be unthinkable for them – higher on the great chain of being than their men, and all that – should be sent for a conference in a distant city; the bellboys of the luxury hotel should be replaced by men recruited by the experimenters for good looks, charm and seduction techniques. After their return home, the women whom the bellboys succeeded in bedding should be once again asked about their fidelity. The hypothesis is that they will give the same answer. They can then be confronted with the faux-bellboy waiting in the next room and their fall-back justifications studied, categorised and logged.

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