The Skintern Experiments

It is said that so many of the new female interns beginning work in Washington D.C. wear such revealing clothes that they are popularly termed “skinterns”. No doubt they would be very insulted to hear this, and claim that they were only wearing skimpy outfits because it was very hot and sticky. Which summer in the American capital certainly is, so much so that the British Foreign Office classifies it as a tropical hardship posting; but this raises a wider question of how much a given display of female skin is climatic, how much is aesthetic and how much is sexual, and in the latter case what this might mean. If comfort and health are the only issues, why then do they not don djellabas and other loose garments that keep the sun off while allowing the air to circulate, rather than courting melanoma of the mammaries?

In my youth, no one ever admitted that they wore sexy clothes as a signal of availability to men with economic resources, indeed they never used the word “sexy” of themselves at all, but claimed that all of their sartorial choices were made in order to “look nice” and for their own pleasure, not that of men, who were evil pigs for even glancing at what they went to such unadmitted lengths to display. This demonisation of the onlooker is, of course, perpetuated by the women who yearn to sue or prosecute men who look at revealed skin. In other respects the world has moved on, women can display as never before and no one need pretend to be a virgin who is only releasing her breasts in order to get the air to them; and yet our modern raunchiness might sit uneasily with the overt purpose of the interns’ descent on Washington, namely to learn about politics and economics. Which of course has nothing to do with sex.

Washington D.C. might therefore be a perfect locale for studies under the aegis of the Institute for Unethical Sexual Experiments. The following experiments are therefore suggested: does that sticky heat have the same effect on the plain and nerdy interns, if there are any to begin with? What does a woman wearing practically nothing “because of the heat” say when caught wearing the same clothes in the dead of winter? Thirdly, the quantity of skin could be mapped against the young women’s scholastic qualifications, to see whether the sexual display correlates with the need to fight dirty; and finally, actors impersonating senators and other hotshots could make the interns offers that they ought to refuse.

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