Creative Moral Accountancy

It is not so very difficult for a woman to enjoy an extra-marital fling while preserving her self-respect as the partner who is actually the faithful one. All she needs to do is to induce a man to make a pass, dramatise her offendedness, make a token resistance and shed some tears. In this way she can slowly amass moral capital from her virtuous resistance, capital that she can then spend all at once, namely in the sack – with the same man or perhaps a different one. The next step is to do something that provokes some suspicion or jealousy in her husband. This makes her a “victim” of his possessiveness, and the fact that his suspicions are actually correct does not alter that accounting; all she has to do is be upset at his lack of trust, and her distress is immediately converted into moral capital, bringing her back into the black.

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