Biology Of The Pantoffelheld

So much ink has been split on the biological basis for the possessiveness of the human male that little attention has been paid to the opposite of the jealous husband, namely the complaisant one. In fact, the very term is quite rare nowadays.

For the Macho man, fighting off alternative impregnators and forcibly preventing his woman from taking a back-door man is a common and viable genetic strategy for ensuring offspring, but it is hardly available to the Milquetoast. If the inferior male is to reproduce at all, therefore, his best bet may be in a tacit partnership with the man who practices the genetic strategy called Sneaker. This is the one who puts cuckoos in other men’s nests but doesn’t stay around to watch them grow up. The Milquetoast’s best strategy is to marry a woman who does not rate or who does not want a Macho husband, and look the other way when she inevitably makes some of her children with the Sneaker. His payoff is that there will be a chance that some of her other children will be his, an outcome he can hardly achieve any other way.

The huge downside of this strategy is that, in an era when so many women bear only one child, the Milquetoast will have to get very lucky indeed. It would be interesting to investigate what happens to the Milquetoast in countries where the replacement level has fallen through the floor, and how often in such circumstances the only-child is in fact his.

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