Orgasms, Fidelity And False Advertising

David Buss at Austin has suggested that the true evolutionary function of the female orgasm is to demonstrate a woman’s commitment to an attractive man, convincing him that she is satisfied and therefore loyal. An orgasmic woman would therefore be less likely to be abandoned, he suggests, and so her children, also bearing the modification for orgasm, would be more likely to survive and reproduce themselves.

It is less clear how a modification in the male, causing him to cherish the more dearly a mate who exhibited this behaviour, would be a reproductive advantage, since it is so easily made into a false signal. Moreover, it is inherently a false signal, since there is no reason for a woman to be loyal merely because she is sexually satisfied; the whole business of her life is to have children with the superior donor. But if it is a pure hack of the male operating system, that would certainly explain why it is so popular to fake it within marriage, and even why working girls may fake it. Can male vanity really be so self-destructive? Apparently so.

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