Sneakers And Dashers

In the animal world there are three strategies to counter the strategy of harem-holding, that is, the attempted monopolisation of all the females by the dominant male. One is called Dasher, because the animal nips into the harem when the bull male isn’t looking, gets a quick copulation and runs for his life. For one reason why human beings, quite unlike the bonobos, have made sex into a “private” thing is that adulterous sex between two humans is likely to lead to violence from third parties. The need for secrecy may have bled back from illegitimate to legitimate relations.

Another strategy is called Sneaker, because the animal gets past the alpha by mimicking the females. A third is playing sidekick, in the hope of being actually permitted by the dominant to pick up the crumbs that fall from his table. The most interesting thing about the breeding pattern of Homo sapiens sapiens is that all three of these strategies are commonly deployed to penetrate a harem of one.

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