Mark That Spenser

There was much discussion in the last century of whether or not women wanted men to be Real Men, and whether or not they had any yen for submission to a Real Man. A generation of progressive males, taught that the only right answer was “No way”, did their best to become approved New Men, only to find this a fast track to celibacy. Even so, they remain squeamish about suggesting that they would have done any better as knuckle-draggers.

That should cover both bases: the woman’s primary drive to appoint herself the transformer of a man from a position of moral superiority, and her secondary drive to submit to a Real Man, as opposed both to a brute and a milquetoast. (Whom she says is a Real Man, note bene, our opinion is not solicited.) No attention games need be played with a superior specimen, such as demanding knightly service with no requital – you just get down to it, and need not salve your self-esteem with reproaches afterwards. For both are reserved for keeping inferior specimens in their space. From a superior specimen, a good rogering justifies everything.

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