The Blonde Beast

The women who write websites debunking the male slogan of “nice guys finish last” have missed the point in another way as well. For this male complaint is actually a proxy. The “nice guy” actually means the weedy intellectual, whether he is nice or not (for no man is a villain to himself), and the “arsehole” means the jock, even if he is actually an upright and amiable character. “Nice guys finish last” is mostly a reclothing of the intellectual’s well-known disdain for the man who is good-looking, cheerful and stupid – the healthy animal who does so much better than himself with the women. The female equivalent is, of course, calling the successful competition bitches or hussies.

Generations of intellectuals have erected a complicated structure to defend their sense of self-worth against the horror of seeing brainless studs laying the girls they wanted for themselves: namely, books and writing and philosophy and so forth. Our enemy does not read what we write, however; he is far too busy bedding the women we want, and taking a minute off now and then to laugh at us.

Just as we know the Middle Ages principally from the ecclesiastical perspective, for the simple reason that clerics did most of the writing, so too our own high written culture does not really engage with the whole of the population; it does not know the “handsome male animal” except as the shadow on the wall, a challenge to its values about which it tries not to think. Intellectuals have to spend years writing books in the hope of getting into the pants of the author-groupies, who alas are insufficiently numerous; whereas the handsome beast has only needed his smile, ever since he was fourteen.

Are we then outcompeted because we are cautious, cerebral and desiccated, or did we become cautious, cerebral and desiccated only after we perceived that we did not have “It” and so needed to find something else to do with our time?

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