Something Going For Him

The purpose of having a trophy man or woman on the arm is not only to rise in the hierarchy of one’s own sex and make one’s peers envious, though that motive is extremely important; it is also about enhancing one’s attractiveness to the opposite sex. Suitable arm candy raises your market value; it means that you have resources, whether of beauty, money, power, fame or sexual skill. It means that you are where the action is, and so everyone should want a piece. People do not want whom they want; they want whomever everyone else wants.

The bandwagon effect is so powerful that it can overcome the evidence of our own eyes: if he can get her, the women say, then he “must have something going for him”. This remains true even if the trophy blonde is only on his arm because the previous one was; she decided that he “must have something going for him”, and is still trying to find out what it is.

Similarly, the market for more serious partners is not like a game of musical chairs, where everyone still on their feet tries to sit on the last free chair. It is more like a game in which no one wants to sit on the last free chair, because there must be something wrong with it, but instead tries to tempt the incumbents off theirs.

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