Wars For Drugs

Everybody is now complaining about “narco-states”, that is, countries where the common people see no way to make a living other than to cultivate and sell drugs to addicts in richer countries. But no modern narco-state has gone to war against the buyers’ state authorities in order to prevent criminalisation; no modern narco-state has waged, so to speak, a war against the war on drugs, much less won it. And no modern narco-state has forced its defeated customer state to cede territory. All this, however, happened in the nineteenth century.

Given that the rhetoric of the narco-state in these Opium Wars was not about the creation of millions of wretched addicts in order to improve the balance of trade of the East India Company, but rather about “opening up” China and forcing them to trade on “equal” (i.e., our) terms, it may be time for this period to receive more popular attention. Perhaps the US could redress its trade imbalance by forcing the Chinese to buy the crystal meth so plentifully manufactured within its borders?

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