A Man’s Gotta Do What A Man’s Gotta Do

At a recent trial of a South African politician for rape, one argument for the defence was that, in Zulu culture, it was unacceptable to leave a woman in a state of sexual arousal. This was not just some bizarre African notion but something that may underlie all human cultures: the conviction that female sexuality is so strong as to be exceedingly dangerous if unsatisfied.
For I recall it said in the UK many decades ago, on the surface innocently but also with a suggestive intonation, that no gentlemen should refuse a lady whatever she might desire. And most especially that a gallant host refuses a lady nothing. In fact, the origin of our custom of the Best Man was precisely the same as that of the duellist’s second, who in the event of a no-show had to fight in his place. That is, if the groom failed to appear, his “second” had to marry the bride – although it is less clear that the maid of honour had to marry a jilted bridegroom. A woman left at the altar (or, previously, the church porch) was thought to be like a ticking bomb – some man or other had to leap in and defuse her. No, no, cut the red wire first!

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