The Age Of Raunch

The first decade of the twenty-first century saw an explosion of what some people call liberation and empowerment, others call raunch and yet others call pornification: namely the cult of female exhibitionism. Instant celebrity may be attained by having sex in front of an audience of millions at a rock concert or in the Big Brother house. Other reality programmers are offering money to random women on the street to flash their breasts for the viewers; these women are reported as getting off on the new experience. Of course, this is a highly biased sample; the ones who refuse to participate, and those who try it once and run away in order to hide under the bed and cry, may not receive equal air-time. The same applies to the television documentaries about aspiring porn actresses, which gave the impression that this is the perfect schoolgirl career choice and an ideal escape for bored housewives. And, should we accept the argument that shaking her booty “empowers” a woman, in that it puts her in control of men, then we must conclude that throughout history men did not have nearly as much power as the professors of women’s studies are paid to assert.

It may indeed be that all the women who claim that public nudity and public copulation are turn-ons are reading from a script for money; but then the total budget for such an operation would be considerable. Even if we grant the objections from biased samples and outright propaganda, we are nevertheless left with a residuum of women who seem to be taking great pleasure in uninhibited sexual exhibitionism. Are the hordes of webcam wankers telling us a hitherto suppressed truth about true female nature? It may well be that these exhibitionists are a small minority, always with us, who have only recently been allowed to do their thing without ostracism or compulsory reclassification as common prostitutes. Perhaps the majority of women really have nothing of the exhibitionist in them, and would not find it liberating or a turn-on if they were to try it. But if, repeat if, most women are “naturally” bashful, we might then ask why so much social energy has been expended on keeping them so; for one does not enact legislation that water should flow downhill. This raises the question: is sexual modesty the natural state of women, or has it been imposed on them by millennia of bluenosed patriarchs, recently joined as strange bedfellows by the “anti-sex” feminists?

The forces are surely gathering that will bring this Age of Female Raunchiness to an end, but in the meantime, the booming stripper schools and the webcam masturbators and the porn auditioners and the fuckers-for-forests and even the humble near-naked disco ravers may be teaching us something about the nature of the female of the species that in most times and places people have tried very hard to avoid knowing.

Men find openly displayed female sexuality both titillating and at the same time extremely alarming, as it rubs their noses in the fact that, in purely physical terms, any woman can (if she should desire, though this is generally the men’s own projection) exhaust the proverbial football team and still be up for more – but, alas, probably won’t even include them in the team. Male fear of female sexual appetite and choices is therefore the most powerful of motives for the use of social power to make women cover up, lower their eyes and all the rest of it; except of course in clearly defined exceptional situations, where the men are in control as official partners or as paying customers.

Men may, therefore, have organised society so as to channel and restrict female sexuality precisely because they were deathly afraid of what would happen if women were allowed to follow the star of their own sexual desires without cavil or compromise. And so indeed they ought to be. For social sanctions and poverty are the only forces that can induce women to grant sexual access to biologically inferior males.

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