A Man For All Seasons

It seems that when they become “liberated”, that is, allowed by society to live pretty much as they like, women gravitate away from the model of lifetime monogamous marriage that they have been claimed to want — and claim themselves to want, whenever that captures them the moral high ground. If there is a natural pattern that emerges when the players are freed from constraints, it appears to be different and partially overlapping circles of friends, lovers and fathers of their children. It is by no means improbable that this is in fact a return to the primeval pattern of the first human groups.

Individual tastes and values are expressed in whether these circles are concentric or not: that is, some women like to pick the fathers of their children from among their long-term lovers, who are in turn a sub-set of their friends and supporters in a carefully-maintained social network; others keep their friends and lovers distinct; and yet others take care to fall pregnant only to passing beaux with whom they never need to interact again.

The degree to which individual women are happy or unhappy with the results of these three primary models is probably much the same as the degree to which they are happy or unhappy with the traditional model in which all the roles are filled by the same man. And the same goes for the happiness of the children so produced. To be happy in such a polyamorous system, however, the men themselves may need to cultivate skills other than workaholic nest-financing.

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