It Is A Puzzlement…

Of all the ways in which women baffle men, by far the worst is their sexual choices. Men feel that women’s decisions about with whom to go to bed are astonishingly arbitrary. Just when we think that they are going for looks, or machismo, or personality, they select something quite different, and in accordance with standard female practice have a very low tolerance for any male observer who does not wholeheartedly praise their choice.

To the fact that women seem to have a dozen different criteria for sexual acceptability, none of which are applied consistently, we may add the further fact that at any rate some generations of middle-class women have been trained by society to tell great and thumping lies about both their desires and their taste. Telling powerful lies about whom one wants to go to bed with and why is essentially a female vice; not because men do not tell such lies, for that they most assuredly do, but because nobody then believes them.

Although for most of human history women have been seen as insatiably horny, we had a period in the West where they were severely discouraged from admitting to sexual desire; the correct social form was then to pretend to be attracted to a man because of his “personality”. We are not yet entirely out of that thicket. Perhaps men will find the female choice of partner a lot less baffling if they simply stop listening to what women say about it.

Women have, for example, been set to watching porn while wearing bio-monitoring equipment. Afterwards the women all claimed that the film didn’t do a thing for them, but the equipment reacted as if they had been turned on physically. What actually goes on inside women and what they tell other people they are feeling must therefore be two quite different things. Of course, they will tell us that they are not turned on mentally, only physically, and that the mental is primary; but then again, they would, wouldn’t they? For we only have their word for their mental state, which is why they so insistently regard it as primary; the physical state, on the other hand, is independently checkable, which is why they do not want us to approach the matter from that direction.

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