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A novelist complains about male journalists “‘looking for the woman’s angle’ – as if there would be only one”. Indeed, what kind of idiot could possibly think that? But wait a moment: just precisely who is it that has spent decades training us to believe that there is in fact a single “woman’s angle”, which they can immediately and infallibly provide, other than the academic feminists and their media disciples?

Current orthodoxy requires the denial of female individuality, just as it requires the denial of female agency. Women, it is held, are not actors, but only acted-upon; and they are also acted upon identically. Humankind used to be aware that there are in fact as many women’s angles as there are women; women can still say this, defying the orthodoxy of their own self-appointed spokeswomen; but the moment a man suggests that women are actually all different, he is accused of divide-and-rule tactics. In response to that tactic, therefore, this Part will eschew such pluralism and adopt the orthodox assumption that there is indeed a single “women’s angle” – merely an angle quite different from the one women themselves describe.

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