Chicklit As Scholarly Source

In their ideological and moralising mode, women are forever telling us how they can only enjoy sex with someone they love and trust and feel safe with. Alternatively, that they only wish to enjoy it with someone who gives them security, which makes it more of a tactical and economic mode. So is this what they like to read about? By no means. The genre now called “chicklit” is mostly about “outlaw” sex, sometimes masochistic sex, with dangerous strangers.

It will be objected that reality is one thing and fantasy another; women read about “zipless fucks” precisely because they do not intend to have them in suburbia. At first sight this seems persuasive; but in that case, what happens to the classic argument that porn causes rape?

Oh, right, men are alone in being unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality, and women’s real-world behaviour remains resolutely uninfluenced by the myriads of romances that teach them to dress up their outlaw sex in terms of the redemption and taming of bad, dangerous men by the love of a good woman, which they never doubt they themselves are. Glad that is settled, then.

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