Will Smith As Witness To Our Narcissism

The actor Will Smith once said of a girlfriend he had in his teens: “That she cheated on me destroyed my concept of cause and effect, my belief that good things happen to good people.” Two questions ought to present themselves: firstly, who inculcated that strange concept of cause and effect in the young Smith; and secondly, what right did he have at 15 and thus largely untried, to consider himself such a good person that nothing bad ought to happen to him, to the extent of suspending his girlfriend’s free will?

Some years later he said of his wife, Jada Pinkett, that every day he needed her to have a look in her eyes that said he was the best person on Earth. Clearly, therefore, the teen cheat did not completely destroy his belief that only good things happened to good people; it was just that the minor premise that he was such a good person needed external validation. It is, one supposes, a step forward; it remains to be seen whether he will question the two assumptions before conceit is redoubled by senescence.

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