Two Modest Proposals

The geriatric crisis in the Western World is far from insoluble; given that the whole thrust of the twenty-first century appears to be enserfment, all that the corporations need to do is assign a sufficient number of suitable slaves to the personal care and nursing of their rich stockholders and retired executives. These domestic slaves’ aged parents can either be included in the deal to guarantee their fidelity, or else left to die, trusting in the efficacy of the system’s measures against slave revolt – or terrorism, as it will be called.

The sport of fox-hunting originated, of course, as the training of the upper classes for the hue and cry after rebellious peasants. Since there are not many fields, hedges and five-bar gates in the modern workplace, this exercise requires updating. Paintball needs to come in from the woods and Shoot the Trade Unionist drills to be held in the actual environs of the modern factory or power plant.

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