A Golden Opportunity

It would be a great mistake to imagine that the threat of climate change will not lead to any serious political and economic action in the West. There will be some action. Whether it will go any further than the restriction or prohibition of goods enjoyed by the common people is another matter. For example: confining air travel to the rich will both allow nations to boast of their emissions reduction and correct one of the biggest ecological and social mistakes of the twentieth century. Ecological because of the destructive chemicals spewed out at high altitude; social because if God had meant the common people to fly, he would have given them wings.

The only question is whether the rich would be prepared to pay considerably more for their transportation, in return for knowing that there is no one on the aircraft but their own sort. Of course they would! There is no fun in being able to afford what everyone else can. Airbus might think it has built its new plane in order to carry larger numbers of holidaymakers to Phuket, but the rich are already planning to rip the seats out and install observation windows, swimming pools and dance-floors, with a garret section for the servants. Let the robber barons and their gilded sprogs raise a glass to global warming, without which this joy would never have been politically possible.

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