A Proxy Measurement For Slavery

People have imagined that marrying for money is something to do with a wicked thing by the name of Patriarchy. In fact, marrying for money is the inevitable consequence of the invention of property, and men and women who have property behave exactly the same as one another and differently from men and women without property. That is, they marry for dynastic consolidation and economic synergy, and then get their hot sex on the side. Marriage is based on romantic love (being the subjective aspect of the physiological response to inclusive reproductive fitness) only by those who have no skin in the serious-property game, that is, by the proletariat and its cousin the salariat – those who are paid for services by the holders of serious property, and for whom healthy offspring are the main source of wealth. The prevalence of ideals of romantic marriage may, therefore, be a proxy for the proportion of the population that older, more honest cultures called “slaves”.

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