Taking Out The Garbage

Twentieth-century people live without servants but nevertheless imagine that they belong to the middle class. They consequently fight over housework. Can we imagine a nineteenth-century doctor, engineer or even greengrocer being nagged by his wife because he had failed to do the dishes? That was the job of the servants. In the coming age, Western societies will realise that the best interests of wife and husband alike demand that the donkey-work be done by neither, but by a vast army of the downtrodden, as in the good old days. This time they will be the casualties, not of modern agricultural methods but of global warming, drought, floods and war. Thus, finally, marital harmony plus liberation and self-realisation for women. But not, you will say, for the women of the servant classes. It remains to be seen how much our professors of gender studies will care about them after they have achieved the personal liberation of not having to do the housework.

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