“Their Men I Put To The Sword, Their Maidens I Carried Off”

I suspect that our masters did not actually realise until this new century just how much wealth they could claw back from the lower 97% of the population if they really put their minds to it; and also that they were astonished at how little resistance they met.

If the rewarding of the cokeheads with trillions of tax-payers’ money can launch a populist movement that froths at the mouth over any attempt to restrain such folk and make them more honest, that is, a populist movement that angrily demands that the very people who brought them the crash and depression should have another turn at the wheel, with less backseat driving in future, then clearly anything is possible. It is true that some unruly Mediterranean types see things a little differently, but on the whole, populations have with astonishing ease been brought to concur with, nay demand, their own impoverishment.

I expect our masters, encouraged by this great experiment, now to revise their ambitions and go for broke – that is, no more footling around with “the two-thirds society” and a sycophantic middle class, but straight to the creation of a society of 3% owners, all knowing and interbreeding with one another, and 97% peons. It will be the old Latin American model of the latifundia economy, militarism and theocracy.

Let it not be said that in such a society there will be no demand to keep the wheels turning, if 97% of the population is on the breadline. Thanks to technological innovation and concomitant increase of productivity, not many people will be needed to manufacture the goods needed by the elite, or the bare minimum for their serfs. Of the rest, the majority can be domestic servants, the oldest and best form of conspicuous consumption; a minority can be kept in utter misery, as a dreadful warning to the servant class, and perhaps another minority can be hunted for sport – or even farmed for luxury foodstuffs.

Rather than continuing to pretend that very rich people are subject to the law, we shall adopt the customs of more honest cultures and institute formal titles, like bey or pasha, to signal openly that they are above the law. Then we should all know exactly where we stand. Under such an arrangement it will no longer be necessary to pretend that the security establishment, for whom one needs fresh threats to maintain employment and job satisfaction, has anything whatsoever to do with the safety of society as a whole. The long history of delusion and deceit that we call representative government will have come to an end, and we will once again see the joyous frankness of a Tiglath-Pileser III.

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