No Platform For Against-ME Speech!

The PC project of concentrating less on economics and more on words is primarily designed to prevent certain kinds of speech. The exoteric claim is the prevention of “hate” speech, which in principle means vehemently derogatory speech about whole groups, e.g. Jews, blacks, gays and so on. When, however, “hate” speech or “stigmatisation” is reconceptualised so as to include remarks about the behaviour of a particular individual, as in practice it so often is, it becomes clear that the esoteric agenda is to prevent accurate speech about that individual behaviour. The intention is that common malignant strategies of particular individuals may no longer be named, much less analysed and dissected. The consequence of this is that the individuals pursuing malignant strategies can no longer be challenged or rebuked. Cui bono? Clearly, all individuals who wish to pursue malignant strategies and have the intelligence to twist the ancient idea of Right Speech to their own advantage.

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