The Economist, analysing prostitution like any other business, concludes that globalisation and commoditisation will, as always, mean that only the cheapest supplier survives. At the same time this development will be self-defeating, says the magazine, as “terrorised bruised hookers in ugly surroundings attract only low-quality customers”; the answer lies in “building a brand or finding a niche”. The growth of international brand-name brothel chains will, indeed, be greatly assisted by the various user review sites on the Internet. The magazine ought also to have looked at the boom-and-bust cycle in sex tourism, where greedy suppliers in popular destinations double the prices for half the service, triggering a switch of customer interest to fresh pastures.

What can we learn from the fact that the best courtesans are almost invariably not the most beautiful? One lesson might be that the second-best always try harder. Another might be that the beautiful woman, whether amateur or professional, always feels that the world owes her a living and is not afraid to let it know.

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